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Wooden blinds in Dubai



Wood is an ancient substance that has been used in the home for a very long time. Many people love wood. Wood has texture, color, pattern and helps bring nature inside the home. Any home interior can look even better with the use of wood. Many people find that this principle extends to their choice of window coverings as well. Wooden blinds come in many textures, colors and styles. Each type is best for a different purpose. If you are thinking about wooden blinds in Dubai, you’ll want to carefully consider your options. Styles such as wood venetian blinds can help light up any space while also giving a sense of grounding at the same time.

The Use of Color


One of the most important considerations when thinking about wooden blinds in Dubai is color. Many types of woods are used in the creation of wooden blinds. You’ll find hardwoods of all kinds as well as lighter woods. You’ll also find colors that range from a deep shade of ebony to bamboo shades that are nearly white. Your ideal home interior should have color that helps it come to live. The same is true of any blinds you choose. Darker shades of wood are best for rooms that are more intimate where you want to create a cozy feel. A lighter shade can be ideal in a space that gets a lot natural light. Many homeowners find it helpful to have wood venetian blinds in an intermediate, muted color scheme to help add a dash of high style while still controlling the amount of light in the space.

The Size of the Slats


Blinds made from wood have many different slat styles. For example, motorized blinds often have larger slats. Mini blinds have much smaller slats than you’ll find in many other types of blinds. When thinking about the wood blinds you should think about the size of the slats you want. Thicker slats tend to look very elegant. These are ideal for use in a space such as a dining room or a living room where formality is desirable. A thinner slat looks good in spaces that are more relaxed such as a family room or finished basement. Each slat should open and close well. Motorized blinds can help make sure it’s easy to open and shut the blinds as desired. Think about the sound of the blinds as well. Slats that are thinner will make less noise when opening and closing the blinds.

Some of our wooden blinds


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