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Duplex blinds in Dubai



Duplex blinds are more popular under a different name – Zebra or day and night blinds. If you look at duplex blinds, even for a man ignorant, will be enough to understand this unexpected name – alternating strips of two types – a dense, impermeable material and a light transparent mesh. The strips are connected with each other in the factory, using a special thermal method.

Choosing Duplex blinds


A duplex blinds are one of must buy thing to buy in Dubai. The right duplex blinds can be a great home. We can help you get the kind of home you want. Our skilled staffers offer various collections from best UK fabrics that will instantly transform any space and make it look great. With our assistance, you will find Dubai curtains that really work for all the rooms in your home. We can show you how each room in your apartment will benefit from duplex curtains with our help.

Duplex interior for your home


We know how to choose duplex blinds for any interior designs. Let us show you to place the duplex blinds in your home so that they can help block out light in any given space and then let it as needed. Duplex blinds are an ideal choice if you have many rooms in your home that need to be decorated. Such blinds are made from the finest possible materials and will stand up to the climate here for many years. Let us show you how to pick out the right kind of window coverings for your own personal Dubai duplex apartment.

Some of our duplex blinds


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Duplex blinds

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Most of all, at our company, we care about what we do. We want our clients to discover why the quality products we offer are right for them. Come to our shop. Let us show you how our products can turn your house into the true home of your dreams.

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