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Blackout Curtains in Dubai



Blackout curtains are a must for extra-bright, sunny days in Dubai. Especially helpful for late sleepers and night owls who need to sleep during the day, these ready made curtains keep the sun out so you can be assured of a good night’s sleep. We even make motorized curtains to make it even easier for you to open and close your curtains as needed. You’ll never have to worry again about a too-early sunrise interrupting your sleep when you’ve had a late night or about the sun waking your child when you’ve just put her down for a nap. Best of all, these curtains are designed with the beauty of your home in mind, with the fabrics of your choice lined with highly effective blackout materials to keep the sun out and increase the overall comfort and privacy of your home.

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Our high-quality blackout curtains can also help insulate your home, keeping you cooler during the hottest days by reflecting the sun’s rays. They are perfect for the living room, bedroom, nursery, or any room in the house where you want to control the level of heat and light during the day. We’ll work directly with you to be sure your blackout curtains are exactly the style, color, and materials you desire for your home. Just call for an appointment, and we’ll bring fabric samples for your blackout and/or motorized curtains and consult with you until we know exactly what you envision for your window dressings. We’ll also discuss your budget and find the perfect high-quality, beautifully designed solution for you. Our detailed, no-obligation consultations are free.

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As the best curtain shop providing number 1 UK brand fabrics for curtains and blinds, we will work with you to provide materials and designs that match your vision for your home. Our fabrics include popular UK brands like Illumin8, Bill Beaumont, and Porter and Stone, all at affordable prices. If you don’t see what you want, give us a call, as our fabrics are restocked regularly. Choose from linen, satin, voile, upholstery fabrics, organza, taffeta, silk, and other fabric choices. Altogether, we have more than five hundred options with varying patterns, textures, and colorways.

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Best Blackout curtains
Blackout curtains in Dubai
Blackout curtains

Best blackout curtains


With 28 years of experience creating custom-made curtains and blinds in the UK and UAE, we provide the highest quality products to complement your existing decor. Our in-house manufacturers work with in-stock fabrics, saving you time since you won’t have to wait for fabrics to be delivered. We work with the number 1 UK brand curtains and blinds, providing the highest quality for moderate prices. Contact the best blackout curtains shop in Dubai today and take the first step toward enhancing your decor with your dream windows.

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Most of all, at our company, we care about what we do. We want our clients to discover why the quality products we offer are right for them. Come to our shop. Let us show you how our products can turn your house into the true home of your dreams.

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